Friday, December 17, 2010

the red dye pot

This is the dye pot with all the pieces it it. I was really pleased with the results and I'll probably over dye the lightest piece. The following is the result from one of my stitching shibori samples. It was a running stitch and I don't think I got the thread tight enough.

This was an attempt of a scroll. I didn't get the stitches tight enough in the middle of the scroll. I do like the effect and I will try this one again.
The following is a close up of a white on white fat quarter.

This fat quarter turned out lighter than I wanted. I'm planning to over dye it.
These onesies and socks were dyed for our newest grandson. These are going to look great with jeans.
I have several of these tops and I like the way they fit.

I like having socks that match my tops.

This is my current favorite shirt. I have dyed several of them in various colors. These shirts are 95% rayon and 5% lycra. I love to wear them.

This is a close up the neckline.

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  1. Just found your blog, love your shibori attempts. I'm trying some of it out myself and find it helpful to find other blogs with shibori/dyeing posts!